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Snowberry is a powerful digital publishing platform designed to empower media organizations.

Forget all the pains of building and managing a website so that you can focus on what you do best while letting Snowberry take care of the rest.

Snowberry by Prixa is a digital publishing platform made in collaboration with media experts. Snowberry's mission is to help you transform your media business, allowing you to focus on creating engaging content for your audience. Snowberry provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard by which you can publish or distribute news content easily. Regardless of the size of your media company, Snowberry offers a software solution that suits your business needs.

We envision a world where news is readily available to all readers, & news media houses can focus more on delivering quality news to their users and less on the technology. Consumers and News Media Houses connected by a powerful platform Snowberry, we imagine a better world for all.

With a mission to empower media organizations with the right tools and technology, we, Snowberry team have been working with to serve content to readers without media houses worrying about the complex underlying technology.

Snowberry is ready-made platform so it’s easy to get started. Follow the following steps and your website will be ready in no time.

Connect with our industry-leading support team and provide your information to the team. Get feedbacks on what might be the best possible way to get started.

Domain name is very important part of our success in news media. Consulting with our team, find the best available domain name for your business and get is acquired.

The beauty of Snowberry is our customizable templates. Building websites from scratch takes time & lot of money. Select the template you like and start publishing.

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What makes Snowberry so
special? - These amazing features:

Maximize your ad revenue with Adalytics. Place ads smartly across all your websites. Deeply understand and measure ad performance with powerful insight tools. Quickly generate ad-based data which you can share with your advertisers.

Fastest news websites in Nepal run on Snowberry. Snowberry uses best in class Content Delivery Network (CDN), this is why it loads much faster with the least latency.

Snowberry is the one and only news platform in Nepal to provide AI based features. Snowberry provides features such as a powerful news recommendation engine, location-based news and elastic search.

Snowberry is powered by technologies that are extremely scalable and fast. Snowberry is capable of handling millions of traffic per month.

Snowberry is a platform built by Prixa Technologies in collaboration with top media houses of Nepal.

Do more with less!
Snowberry is on a mission to help news media houses focus on quality news content rather than the technology that delivers news to consumers. With an affordable hassle free solution for media houses combined with an amazing features like AI, Speed, Security & Safety, its your perfect choice for your company’s future.

Prixa Technologies has been at the forefront of AI and innovation since its inception. Our goal at Prixa is to provide world-class customer-centric solutions at an affordable rate while ensuring data security. We take pride in implementing IT strategies that not only meet the needs of our clients but also help propel their company to success. Our ever-expanding team has a passion for developing world-class software solutions that simplify the lives of our customers.

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